This is the index (and archive) of all Processing bugs filed between 2005-05-12 and 2010-06-05.
1 settings.path.fallback not being used
2 "Processing must now quit." message when non-ascii chars in user name
3 add option to most warning/error dialogs to be supressed
4 int() and float() do not always work properly in the preprocessor
5 preprocessor error if last line of code is a comment with no CR after it
6 a random, single slash in the code doesn't throw an error
7 allow doubles in the preprocessor
8 include javac? some jikes bugs mean that code just won't compile
9 throw an error if user makes mousepressed() instead of mousePressed()
10 compiling a sketch with an empty .java tab will throw an error
11 warn about writing non-1.1 code
12 better error message for missing semicolons
13 better error message in compiler for missing or unmatched brackets
14 "unexpected token void" from compiler
15 "expecting RPAREN" messages are goofy
16 starting a comment and not finishing it causes NullPointerException or OutOfMemoryError
17 "Perhaps you wanted the overloaded version" when the args are wrong
18 have a more helpful error message when 'void' is left out before setup() or draw()
19 println() can quickly hose the environment, making it unresponsive
20 when running with external editor, hide the editor text area
21 add files to sketch by drag & drop
22 make tab just indent lines properly
23 horizontal scroll bar in the editor is flakey
24 mouse wheel broken in the text editor
25 prevent the editor window from being resized too small
26 add menu mnemonics for editor
27 implement page setup & print for the editor
28 option to print all code in a project
29 processing eats memory after a while, forcing a restart of the app
30 menu strangeness on windows
31 save as/rename don't properly set focus
32 implement "cancel" on "save changes before closing" window
33 dim edit menus as appropriate during selection/no selection/etc
34 properly handle ENTER, Ctrl-W and ESC on all dialogs
35 undo should scroll to where the action is
36 undo becomes sluggish
37 when holding down shift, show the alternate behavior of editor buttons
38 run button not properly unhighlighting
39 when export fails, need to un-highlight the export button
40 Movie is exceptionally slow
41 undo after "import library" or "beautify" will clear the text completely
42 Exception in thread "run button watcher"
43 inconsistent bracket highlighting with comments
44 sketches that use the video library can't be exported for the web
45 Create Font (tool) and createFont() doesn't work with some fonts
46 sonia (and other libs or awt functions) locking up in rev 91
47 undefined symbol: __dynamic_cast_2 on linux
48 processing build process forces use if supplied tools, instead of tools available on the system
49 trouble running sketches when user account contains non-ascii characters
50 sketchbook keeps getting re-created with user accounts that have non-ascii characters
51 editor font sizes other than 10 cause the caret to show up in the wrong position
52 malloc[438]: Deallocation of a pointer not malloced
53 _initWithWindowNumber: error creating graphics ctxt object
54 too many tabs in the editor makes things a mess
55 add key command to switch between tabs
56 editor tabs not always updating when a tab is renamed
57 error messages when running are too large for the error display
58 multiple errors when running are a mess
59 move all prompts to modal dialog showError/Message/Warning/Prompt
60 finish writing export-to-application
61 include a warning that the 'applet' folder will be emptied/rewritten
62 option to export to multiple jar files
63 how to handle "stop" button in present mode
64 if size() not found when exporting an applet, ask the user
65 subfolders in the 'data' directory are ignored on export
66 include timestamp in the html for when the applet is exported
67 find and replace dialog is ugly
68 improved features in find & replace
69 implement find & replace across multiple tabs
70 focus issues with find and replace on os x
71 re-implement the "history" feature from the alpha releases
72 saved window position problematic with multiple monitors
73 preferences window has been hit with the ugly stick
74 split Preferences and PreferencesFrame?
75 add present mode background color and stop button color to prefs
76 convert spaces to underscores and vice versa for sketch/tab names
77 stop() method not being called consistently (and therefore no dispose() called for libs)
78 NullPointerException inside setup() comes up weird
79 exception in setup() on external app doesn't kill run button
80 quitting from present mode doesn't kill run button
81 exceptions in draw() apps aren't caught
82 "save as" sometimes very slow.. may need a progress bar
83 "save as" shouldn't always show save as dialog
84 scanning sketchbook folder may be extremely slow
85 handle renaming with case changes
86 "save as" loses scroll and selection positions for all tabs
87 setting sketchbook to a folder on a network mounted drive
88 sketch archive format for posting examples
89 server.stop produces an error: socket closed
90 tint() is broken in P3D / PGraphics3
91 blend(), get(), set(), copy(), loadPixels, updatePixels(), textMode(SCREEN), filter(), and background(image) are broken when used with OPENGL
92 new PGraphics(), PGraphics2(), PGraphics3() doesn't work very well
93 running slow from inside processing on linux, faster when exported
94 renaming a sketch when a folder is open sometimes causes trouble
95 P3D accuracy is low, rect and line shapes may be inconsistent
96 readBytesUntil() and bufferUntil() broken in serial
97 concave polygons sometimes have trouble in P3D and OPENGL
98 OutOfMemoryError on createFont()
99 "Create Font" tool sometimes crashes on Windows
100 ortho() behaving differently with P3D and OPENGL
101 createFont() doesn't work in applets
102 image() sometimes drawing wrong pixels in P3D
103 strange texture warping in P3D
104 endPath: bad path
105 "ghost" java icon on desktop for mac os x
106 processing sometimes won't run above 50% cpu
107 opengl apps won't use more than 50% of the CPU
108 "Present" mode doesn't work on Mac OS X 10.2
109 Auto Format removing code near extra braces or parens
110 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to Auto Format
111 polygons perpendicular to z axis are sometimes not filling properly in P3D
112 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError and Exception in thread "main" errors on Windows
113 syntax highlighting is imperfect
114 webcam sometimes shows scanlines on Mac OS X
115 append(), shorten(), splice() and the rest of the array functions need to handle any object type
116 package Mac OS X release with a .dmg instead of .sitx
117 make tool to export all sketches in a folder for casey
118 extra character (small box) on each line in the console on linux and windows
119 Undefined symbol under SuSE linux, 9.3; JRE 1.4.2 or 1.5.0_3; processing 0.91
120 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError using get() and image() inside a tight loop
121 point() and/or beginShape(POINTS) sometimes has trouble with OPENGL and JAVA2D
122 sketches sometimes flicker when using the default renderer
123 strokeWeight() does not work properly or is disabled in P3D and OPENGL
124 finish the "Tools" menu, allowing others to write their own plug-ins
125 finish implementation of PGraphics so that Java 1.1 support can return
126 stop button sometimes causes lockups when libraries or code folder is in use
127 reduce the size of core.jar
128 placement of sketches that are 100x100 is sometimes odd
129 ellipse drawing bug
130 confusing error when wrong camera name is used for Capture
131 stop() not always called, inconsistencies with start(), stop(), and destroy()
132 finish the blend() modes
133 processing.exe sometimes crashes on startup
134 Windows pathnames are being incorrectly parsed
135 Compilation fails because of undefined symbols
136 Use of "synchronized" causing incorrect java code generation
137 Movie doesn't work with rtsp streams
138 constant RGBA missing
139 tools (particularly auto format) need to use a compound edit
140 need a proper means to handle command keys for tools
141 add a tool (command) to open code in an external editor
142 add a tool to open exported applet using jview
143 add a tool to add custom html to the sketch
144 add a tool to run exported applet in sun's appletviewer
145 "up" vector in camera inverted
146 applets freezing when run with java 1.3 (firefox or explorer on the mac)
147 stroke() with alpha preventing point() from showing up in JAVA2D
148 PImage mask() not quite working like BImage alpha()
149 size() won't load OpenGL
150 PGraphicsGL has memory leaking issues when creating a lot of successive PImage objects
151 move build scripts (, to ant
152 PSound errors when trying to play more than one sound
153 tiff images from save() and saveFrame() don't work with after effects
154 mouseX jumps to a strange number when moving off the left side of the window on os x
155 Animation in Webbrowser stops when mouse moves in
156 ebuild script to build proccessing under gentoo
157 Export does not always export the code in the .pde file
158 { and [ symbols not working on spanish keyboard
159 gives version 0000 w/o Fink head and tail
160 PGraphics3 ARGB -> no fill -> no text
161 ortho() causes some surfaces to go black
162 Alternative cut/copy/paste commands do not work. Control-Insert, Shift-Insert, Shift-Delete
163 All examples fail to run -- gentoo linux amd64
164 OPENGL + noLoop() no run
165 add ability to load and save images with more file types
166 get jogl / opengl working with applets
167 add to api or make example for clipboard cut/copy/paste
168 improve PImage subclassing
169 fill() ignored for textured shapes if all verticies coloured the same
170 pmouseX and pmouseY the same as mouseX and mouseY in mouseReleased()
171 Problems installing/uninstalling/reinstalling QuickTime 7 on Windows
172 Finish support for QuickTime 7 on Mac OS X
173 processing 93 won't play sketches
174 0093 OPENGL font size is always constant
175 Finish tracking down all Java 1.5 problems
176 implement depth sorting for triangles to fix rendering issues with transparent objects in P3D and OPENGL
177 make processing run better in a classroom/lab environment on os x
178 make processing run better in a classroom/lab environment on windows
179 fix JNI internationalization bugs in JNIRegistry
180 selecting text in the console immediately de-selects
181 try adding windows auto-install of java .cab file to the default applet.html
182 serial port missing from list on mac os x
183 PApplet's stop() and destroy() methods called irregularly
184 dispose() methods for libraries are not getting called
185 Fonts don't display correctly in version 0093 when using OPENGL under OS X
186 join() doesn't work as documented in Processing Reference
187 Some simple code doesn't work
188 Text block wraps incorrectly if string contains a manual line break character
189 save() and saveFrame() can be slow or throttle cpu with JAVA2D on Mac OS X
190 PSound should support MP3 and other file types
191 opengl font render bug textSize not working any more
192 g.smooth is always false in opengl
193 Not closing multi-line comment freezing the system (java.lang.OutOfMemoryError)
194 errors during export don't show up properly
195 94 wont play sketches
196 Hex values longer or shorter than 6 characters produce strange error
197 Window fixed at 100 x 100 pixels
198 width and height not properly set in static mode apps
199 save() not saving to the current sketch folder
200 internal lines of shapes are visible with smooth() and P3D or OPENGL
201 Request for Basic HTTP Authentication support in loadStrings()
202 key not being assigned as CODED
203 PGraphics2 rotate should use double to keep lines straight
204 Applet window disappearing right after run when a library is imported;
205 Applet window disappearing right after run when a library is imported;
206 Applet window disappearing right after run when a library is imported;
207 Applet window disappearing right after run when a library is imported;
208 won't play the sound a 2nd time
209 handle resize events from layout managers when PApplet is used as part of a layout
210 classes cause NullPointerException without draw()
211 add mayscript="true" to applet html is the javascript library is imported
212 using a processing keyword as a variable name gives unhelpful error message
213 Having a method called "display" in your sketch will cause problems.
214 mouseClicked and keyTyped to be either documented or marked as @deprecated
215 save() and saveFrame() use different directories to put images
216 Can't load QuickTime movies on 0095
217 when loading gif images, you don't break on finding transparency
218 openStream() doesn't work with subfolders
219 add command line support
220 wrong textWidth with OpenGL
221 NullPointerException when fetching globals from within classes extending other classes
222 tint() and noTint() switching problem in JAVA2D
223 remove notation about not being able to draw in key or mouse events from docs
224 add note to keyPressed reference re: repeating keys
225 add note to loadImage() reference that .png files work with java 1.3 or later
226 createFont reference should be clearer about it being an advanced feature
227 macosx_setup.command fails to add user to uucp group.
228 #FFFF0000 in stroke() or fill()
229 AIExport bug with 96 not 95
230 the "Movie" and "Capture" examples need to be renamed
231 quicktime movies don't seem to like being exported
232 freeze on stop of running sketch
233 add an item to preferences to set the amount of ram to be used
234 Linux LD_LIBRARY_PATH and working directory issues with "Export Application" feature
235 Auto Format progressively eats code with certain brace settings
236 Auto Format hangs when a non-terminated ' is included
237 P3D drawing problem
238 Exported applications don't load files correctly
239 "noLoop()" in video library is said as "loop()" on it's name.
240 RGBA not supported on PImage?
241 setup() called twice with size(width, height, MODE)
242 Provide visual feedback when saving with Ctrl-S
243 calling size() elsewhere in the app doesn't quite work
244 figure out focus issues on macosx so that Find & Replace needn't be re-created on each use
245 refactor PApplet.main() and Runner.startInternal() to remove duplication
246 Buffer overflow in
247 out of memory error inaccurate, sort of
248 undoing to the code's original state won't unset it as "modified"
249 (server functionality) fails on application export (0098 Beta)
250 problem with tint causing rounding overprinting errors
251 using loadSound() many times can cause LineUnavailableException
252 Export / Export Application fails from folder/directory with german umlaute äüö
253 need to change what people can edit in bug reports
254 problems with layout of "attachments" page for bug reports
255 layout problems with logout page in bugzilla
256 text field for bugzilla duplicate number won't retain focus on windows firefox
257 Loading fonts degrades performance
258 reference description of Net Library
259 Auto Format keeps changing / reformatting Arrays
260 loadImage() cannot read files generated by saveFrame()
261 double-click of a word with an underscore only selects the double-clicked portion, not the entire text
262 CTRL+D duplicates code line
263 Missing PApplet definition in processing-0098-expert\libraries\howto.txt
264 capture object not killed when sketch is stopped with [stop] button
265 HARD CRASH as function of size requested
266 public class PApplet extends Applet
267 lack of accuracy when drawing 2D lines with P3D
268 P3D images are distorted under rotations while OPENGL images are not.
269 partially transparent pixels are not drawn in parts of screen
270 macosx error: CFMessagePort: bootstrap_register(): failed 1103
271 Images created with saveFrame() cannot be loaded into PImage.
272 spaces or quotes in PATH environment variable prevents applets from compiling
273 bug 49 again - but I don't have a non-ascii username
274 copy() is not working with OPENGL
275 jikes.exe crashes when using java.lang.Exception as argument of client.errorMessage
276 processing not saving changes
277 sound doesn't work properly when playing movies (quits after two seconds)
278 Processing won't save PDE file when prompted to save on exit *big bug*
279 loadImage(URL) broken on windows
280 Capture.list() starts sound of default device
281 Parsing error when using char literals
282 blank screen on linux when running programs
283 First line of the exported applet not displayed on Java 1.4 and later on Mac OS X
284 cursor in wrong place when PDE's font size is changed from the default
285 loadSound seems not to work with java 1.5
286 save on exit / save on new does not save
287 text-related suggestions: default textfont, console-like output, console-box, system colors accessible as variables
288 pre-loaded defaults for text()
289 text() improvement: standard text matrix for formatted output
290 g.strokeColor and g.fillColor need to be (explicitly) documented
291 Serial Read missing a character while reading a string
292 modelX/Y/Z and screenX/Y/Z not comutative
293 Ceil() needs adjustment?
294 hitting F10 causes cursor to appear when using noCursor()
295 improve indicator for begin/end of blocks inside curly braces
296 PostScript, PDF, EMF, SVF, SWF and CGM exporter
297 framerate() speeds up temporarily if CPU load drops dramatically
298 linux processing shell script
299 Processing 107 :: no QTJava in java.library.path
300 bug while running sketchbook
301 java mode with multiple tabs not working properly
302 Bug when rendering hidden surfaces on spheres
303 colours defined as hex not auto formatted
304 autoformat deletes code back in 107
305 errors loading images
306 toFloat() of Strings has floating point errors
307 find dialog issues
308 Two left color fields in the Color Picker are blank in Version 109, Windows XP
309 OpenGL applets impossible because of CPU endian check
310 color fields for color picker sometimes have a gray gap beneath them
311 serial library doesn't work on intel macs, need universal binary
312 Library API unregister for events.
313 video / camera input images on intel macs appear blue because their colors are flipped
314 0111 and 0110 crash with opengl on mac os x
315 PortInUseException or "Error inside Serial.<init>()" with serial for 0111+ on Mac OS X
316 lighting issues in revision 0109 and later
317 Ligthing done in software in OPENGL mode. On purpose?
318 box() uses wrong normal values
319 strokeWeight() doesn't work on JAVA2D normal mode
320 using serial library before size() causes crash
321 prevent library .jar files from overwriting core classes
322 opengl mangles images and fonts, especially with video (web cam) input
323 safari won't use css in bugs/show_bug.cgi
324 gray background in pdf (using both gl and p3d)
325 using gl, lines don't show up in pdf with record
326 size(2000,1500,P3D) causes java Out of Memory error
327 ASCII character shift error
328 sketches marked as modified too often, requiring frequent saves
329 image consistenly generating wrong pixels in P3D
330 Not a bug. Just a quick addition to insertFrame
331 loadPixels limits the pixels[] array to strange numbers, causes Out of Bounds exception
332 Renaming sketch doesn't update the sketch-list
333 typo in keywords.txt
334 add ability for exported applications to take command line arguments
335 'Execution protection violation' + workaround
336 delay threading issue
337 opengl video appears to be in 16bit
338 Color Casting Error
339 stroke() ignores screen translation in beginRaw()
340 Serial won't work with Intel compatible FTDI drivers
341 size of sketch different in setup() and draw()
342 add ability to control jpeg compression level with save() and saveFrame()
343 add support for ALPHA and ARGB to save() and saveFrame() for TIFF images
344 Serial Error
345 pdf export ignores transparency
346 beginRecord() doesn't inherit settings from the renderer from which it's started
347 renaming tabs from lower to uppercase
348 double-clicking whitespace selects adjacent chars
349 selections and arrow-keys
350 GIF (and PNG and any others) transparency does not work with tint() in 115, worked previously
351 alpha values on RGB images should be ignored in JAVA2D, but are not for some reason
352 gif transparency not working in processing 0115
353 add a registerAll() for libraries
354 mousePressed() method is colored as variable
355 look into memory use for images, figure out how to make sure images unloaded
356 don't grab pixels of java2d images unless asked
357 only rebuild sketchbook on "save as" or "rename" of sketch
358 Gif transparency ignored
359 openStream() fails with java plug-in because non-null stream returned
360 copy() does not default to applet window with PImage
361 loadImageIO bimage is null
362 Processing 0115 fails to start up on OS X 10.4.6/Java 1.4.2
363 auto format crashes trying to format the following
364 serialEvent() link broken
365 data path mangled when I use emacs
366 capture.settings() changes boundaries of capture object
367 OpenGL blank screen with version > 0109
368 bad permissions on mac os x /tmp directory prevent processing from loading
369 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in P3D inside defaults/background/clear
370 pause() in Movie library broken
371 gradients / lines that change stroke color not supported in the JAVA2D renderer
372 copy() doesn't work correctly in JAVA2D mode...P3D mode OK.
373 processing shell script
374 Automatic (but optional) Update
375 NoClassDefFoundError: processing/core/PApplet when launching Processing 0115 on Mac OS X
376 loadImage() corrupts image when run as applet built w 0115, ok with 0109
377 Transparency doesn't work with images in P3D
378 saveFrame() saving unreadable tiffs in version 115
379 Unspecified return type creates "Compile Error"
380 Explicit use of System.err causes strange behavior
381 osc library--dont know what's wrong
382 color(0, 0, 0, 0) produces black
383 Ability to delete files/fonts from within the PDE would be nice.
384 background(X) where X isnt 2 or 1 - dosnt work...
385 Processing Applets Crash Photoshop
386 modelX in beta releases not behaving the same as objectX in alpha releases
387 Perspective skewed in P3D with perspective
388 corrupt files using saveFrame() and save() in 0115
389 when online, applet scripts must be in a subfolder called "data"
390 curveVertex / bezierVertex don't draw properly in 0116+
391 with a large sketchbook, the menu goes off-screen and doesn't scroll properly
392 image loading with jpegs is slower in 0115 than 0114
393 open() or switching applications minimizes processing
394 image() doesn't work properly with transparency
395 saveFrame saves raw not tif
396 stop button rarely updates itself
397 weird compile errors with parentheses
398 skips input/no input from console possible
399 posterize() reportedly broken
400 PDE not keyboard accessible.
401 implement emacs keybindings for editor
402 menu shortcut / key command for next tab and previous tab is lost after the menu is used
403 loadImage() throwing error that can't be caught with try/catch
404 fonts look misshapen on mac os x with pdf, may be cubic vs quadric spline issue
405 .java file no longer supported 116+
406 Changing editor font in IDE throws NullPointerException
407 some fonts cannot be specified on Mac OS X with Java 1.5
408 Capture example needs to be renamed to something besides "Capture"
409 compiler error: undefined reference
410 curveVertex doesn't work on OpenGL nor P3D
411 language reference uses LINE_STRIP and doesn't match +0116 versions
412 ambientLights() passing red arg to both red and blue in P3D
413 Test bug to see if the "Report a Bug" page is still working after HTML changes
414 Test bug to see if the "Report a Bug" page is still working after HTML changes
415 strokeCap(SQUARE) and strokeWeight() not playing nicely
416 enable keyboard access for menus
417 byte() explanation unclear
418 Figure Errors
419 createGraphics() having problems with JAVA2D, and sometimes with P3D
420 Unexpected parsing, semicolon after a for()
421 saveFrame() black background unless background() is set
422 test
423 test
424 Shapes with texture and P3D rendering, are not following z-order directives
425 unterminated string not caught by debugger
426 textMode(SCREEN) broken when OPENGL is used as the renderer
427 curveVertex not showing in 118 OPENGL
428 ARGB Images with createGraphics
429 using extends sometimes hoses the applet size
430 applet placement problems when sketch is run externally
431 use disk:// notation for mac os x download
432 setting a gray color that's greater than the colorMode() can produce strange colors
433 don't reload sketch on "save as"
434 size(), beginRecord(), beginRaw(), createGraphics() broken for file-based renderers in 0120
435 many printing options from "Page Setup" are ignored
436 Dead Link
437 Font size change requires restart of editor
438 Preferences window not visible on taskbar
439 fonts are uglier in 0116+ with JAVA2D
440 clicking cancel button closes application window
441 "A legal Platform was not set." error when reporting a bug
442 test to see how bad #441 is
443 another test because of bug #441
444 point() not working properly with P3D and OPENGL in releases 0120 and 0121
445 filter GRAYSCALE and BLACK_WHITE not working?
446 Strange rectangles with P3D in 0121 on WinXP
447 "Format for Discourse" doesn't allow copy/paste
448 curveVertex not drawing properly
449 Some network links on the exhibition page go outside the main page block.
450 Change email address in profile
451 discourse feed / rss sometimes misses posts
452 bugs rss / feed misses posts on safari-mac
453 bugs-yabb cross login leaves cookies unreadable for yabb
454 default background sometimes not set properly
455 variable naming typo on p. 358 in draft
456 default class constructor?
457 closing line missing on polygons
458 QuickTime crashes with invalid access or malloc: *** error for object 0x39b390: double free
459 Map<>, HashMap<> etc. not working
460 while(true) { } freezes processing
461 while()-loop freezes processing (again)
462 strange outOfBoundsArray when small double cast into float is passed to Rect();
463 basic mode programs, and drawing inside setup() is broken in 0122.
464 0122 textFont() seems to not be working properly
465 ambientLight(r,g,b) still ambientLight(r,g,r)
466 P3D smooshes the top row of pixels when drawing text or images
467 PGraphics2D detail in JavaDocs
468 PGraphics problem with fillColor
469 Export to application not bundling contents of 'code' folder
470 HOME and END keys
471 wrong syntax coloring: CLOSE, LINE_STRIP
472 Capture.list() seems to not work with 0123
473 beginShape(): POINTS missing
474 export to web, wrong character encoding in html
475 textAlign(CENTER) with P3D and OPENGL produces messy result
476 Image Glitch
477 bugzilla login-script adds slashed to content.
478 using the pdf library shows "no disk in drive" error message
479 key != CODED when keyCode == ENTER
480 P123 square bracket disabled on French keyboards
481 preproc confused by "Xxxxx.class" syntax
482 createGraphics with P3D context not properly handling depthbuffer
483 inconsistent behavior when resetting camera transforms in OPENGL and P3D
484 typing return before {} on the same line throws an Exception
485 applet.html not copied when sketch saved using "save as"
486 modelX/Y/Z still having trouble in 0123
487 Font Rendering in P3D
488 java coffee cup logo (instead of loading.gif) showing up with all the "learning" examples
489 library-pdf mousepress example uses framerate instead of frameRate
490 generate xhtml-1.0-strict (standards compliant) code for exported applets
491 javascript and liveconnect to preload applets with status and callbacks
492 preprocessor cannot handle L added to 'long' values
493 hex color codes starting 0x fail in fill()
494 public PFont(Font font, boolean smooth, char charset[])
495 Rounding Errors in the DXF export
496 Video Capture settings() mangles external iSight image
497 let create-font tool copy the font-name to clipboard
498 clicking a tab could show a menu
499 bugzilla search ("quicksearch.js") changed default to show ALL and sort by status
500 loadImage fails on URLs not ending in a proper filetype extension
501 P3D and OPENGL rect() stroke-pixel in the upper right corner missing
502 rename tab is case-insensitive
503 paste value into color picker tool does not update box-slider (picker)
504 dragging window while sketch is running causes strange text selection to happen on macosx
505 shortcuts stop working after rename
506 pasting code, tab characters are not converted into spaces
507 non-matching curly brackets doesn't cause syntax error
508 setup code called twice if above call to size()
509 PFont.index function uses value.length instead of charCount
510 Class - compiling error
511 major threading overhaul required before 1.0
512 improve accuracy of frameRate() command and reported frame rates
513 Java 1.5.0_10 breaks JOGL, therefore the size(w, h, OPENGL) will not work
514 Use getContextClassLoader() instead of Class.forName()
515 PDE does not refresh code when using an External Editor
516 display window ignores size() and defaults to 100x100 pixels
517 content get's submitted when pressing preview in network links, courses, happenings
518 implement support for library dependencies
519 Shapes and text...
520 for() structure without 'update' freezes the pc
521 for() structure without 'update' freezes the pc
522 set(x, y, image) gives ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when canvas is smaller than image.
523 discourse YaBB hangs after submitting profile page
524 open() with space in path
525 characters [ and ] in editor on OSX
526 can only draw PGraphics once offscreen with JAVA2D
527 fill() problems in PGraphics 3D (0124 beta)
528 backslashes inserted around single quotes in bugzilla, causing text to look weird or disappear
529 submit scripts ( courses, newtwork links, happenings ) need slashes and entities fixed
530 createGraphics for offline P3D whilst using JAVA2D
531 main() argument --display=n does not appear to be working on OS X
532 Mobile Preferences Address to 32 chars
533 OPENGL: smooth shapes with thick lines have gaps at joins
534 Using PGraphics instance with fill() produces no fill
535 wrong coordinate with rect() after strokeWeight(1)
536 Errors when using Framebuffer Objects for off screen rendering
537 terminates sketch when client disconnects.
538 Server.write(bytes[]) hangs sketch on client disconnect.
539 Processing cancels shutdown on Mac OS X
540 low-battery warning not showing on powerbook, os-x
541 huge jar files from 0124 beta applet exports
542 scanline skipping in P3D
543 rename sketch to the same name as an already existing .java tab
544 Crash when using video library on MacPro
545 processing.exe finds old version of java and fails to start
546 Textured polygons causing exceptions to be thrown in P3D
547 Polygons parallel to z-axis not always filling with nonzero x or y
549 code error in page
550 add delete / deactivate bug to bugzilla
551 synchronised as a method gets obliterated.
552 Transparency not reliable
553 colorMode() takes also 5 arguments
554 "ellipse" instead of "arc"
556 saveStrings is not a static method
558 method is not working with get()
559 can't export the application
560 opengl crashes when depth sorting more than two textured shapes
561 JRE 1.1 and replaceAll in the link function
562 CGFontGetHMetrics returned NULL on startup with Mac OS X
563 array out of bounds error, appearing most of the times
564 NullPointerException in Create Font with "All Characters" enabled
565 Can't display multi-byte characters
571 cross-registering with yabb fails until you first change your profile.
572 Serial com.write(String) Not working with char (-127 ...)
573 Serial com.write(String) Not working with char (-127 ...)
574 Serial com.write(String) Not working with char (-127 ...)
575 Serial com.write(String) Not working with char (-127 ...)
576 Serial com.write(String) Not working with char (-127 ...)
577 updates / happenings RSS: title and body are the same
578 Copy Paste Doesn't Work From Web Browser on 0124
579 improve speed of rebuilding the sketch menu (improve speed for rename and save as)
580 Stroked polygons losing stroke pixels due to z-buffer issues in P3D
581 Processing sketches don't restart after switching pages in Safari
582 registerSize adds to preMethods instead of sizeMethods
583 smooth() not working in resolutions under 128px
584 Color picker tool does not show colors in Windows Vista
585 Error getting Processing Data Folder on Vista
586 double output from draw()
587 double output from draw()
588 YaBB discourse / recent posts RSS feed needs fixes
589 Java2D renderer should have a modelX and modelY implementation
590 Window is default size when exported
591 PGrahicsJava2D has no way to disable native fonts after they have been enabled
592 bezier example image or source may have error
593 PGraphics3D off screen graphics drawing bug spotted
594 offscreen buffers fail with texture mapping
595 Drag & Drop on Linux is broken
596 Prepare debian package and add repository for proper distribution on Linux
597 Download page
598 Update ANTLR grammars to support Java 1.5 syntax
599 read only when save into example
600 Reflection example description incorrect
601 Autoformat fails on color values
602 Single transparent pixel at end of textures in OpenGL
603 After a week of heavy processing use, here is some of the bugs we found
604 Semantic error highlights wrong code
605 printMatrix() function keeps the window from rendering
606 readStringUntil broken in Network library (same flavour as Bug 96 in Serial library)
607 forum registration: email-addresses ending on ".us" can't register.
608 XHTML code won't create DOM element
609 /*/ to start multiline comment misinterpreted by syntax highlighter
610 updatePixels wth OpenGL requires a lot of memory, implement better texture update
611 text too messy in P3D
612 Book p. 6 - Dumb quote
613 Book p. 7 - Mispelling
614 Book p. 100 - CMYK vs. Gray
615 Book p. 170 - Line wrapping and italic
616 Book p. 223 - Extra space
617 Book p. 224 - Incorrect comment
618 Book p. 397 - Diagrams missing type, rasterized type
619 Book p. 451 - draw() not all bold
620 Book p. 528 - Type cut off in top figure
621 Book p. 536 - Code to Mono
622 Book p. 656 - Figures
623 setting hacks (dokuwiki) up on
624 migrate old php code to php5
625 Multiple Export Files
626 Angle Mode
627 imageicon missing from most windows created by the PDE
628 svg candy join/caps throw an error with OPENGL
629 Book p. 53 - Error in comment for 5-03.
630 size() broken?
631 preproc cant handle labels to break/continue nested loops
632 strange band when drawing thick lines
633 Java2D textLinePlacedImpl should check for ENABLE_NATIVE_FONTS hint
634 closing last sketch-window quits processing
635 initial save is "save as"
636 double-clicking file of open sketch will result in two windows
637 keywords.txt point -> pointLight
638 Key and mouse events are delivered relatively out of order
639 Sketches lock up when system time is set back
640 save as and undo looses code
641 text characters showing up as opaque rectangles with createGraphics()
642 width and height are both 0; after use of size()
643 Book p. 112 - Incorrect word
644 Book p. 207 - Code Error
645 esc key doesn't works if i import opengl
646 colorMode() range fails to work when not size(100, 100)
647 Book p. 231 - Typo
648 in 129 pixels does not work in basic mode
649 Image will not show when size() is set
650 Book p. 707 zach/golan listed as 512-512
651 Book Index. Jared Tarbell pages in index
652 long n=30; print(n) >> 30.0
653 Problem resizing in the processing IDE on Ubuntu
654 not working since 126 through 130
655 pushMatrix inside beginShape, vertex ignores rotation
656 color selector problem
657 Add optimized versions of OpenGL shape functions to PGraphicsOpenGL
658 rename sketch-folder then pde is unusable
659 syntax highlighting of focused, focusGained(), focusLost()
660 Verify public access level for members of PApplet (fe firstMouse)
661 API calls that do not syntax highlight
662 PConstants that do not syntax highlight
663 Window resizing in Linux client fails - v0133
664 setResizable does not redraw the screen correctly on window resize
665 Bad New Tab shortcut for some keyboards
666 should there be a "noLights()" to complement lights()?
667 invalid width and height from svg files created by illustrator cs3
668 processing does not quit after closing the last window on mac os x
669 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: quicktime/std/StdQTException
670 0133 Color Selector error
671 Book p. 81 / description of map()
672 unable to quit if sketch crashes after compile
673 unable to quit if sketch crashes after compile
674 problem with transparence and mask
675 Can't load IA 32-bit .so on a IA 32-bit platform with OpenGL on Linux rev 0133
676 OPENGL doesnt work at all for me?
677 textFont() causes function declarations to fail when used outside of setup()
678 Problems updating PImages from camera (Capture instances) in library
679 hint(ENABLE_OPENGL_2X_SMOOTH) doesn't allow screen to accumulate
680 QuickTime Movie behaviour both Intel & PPC
681 PImage.copy of Capture object from video library
682 reference
683 unable to associate .pde files
684 saveStrings outputs "null" for null Strings
685 scaled images are rendered smooth although default setting is noSmooth
686 implement method for lightweight components with processing applets
687 more recent versions of the PDE lock up during setup() (no window shown)
688 "Fatal exception occurred. Program will exit." when Processing is first started
689 AutoFormat array {..} error
690 Java error on Run/Present with dual monitors WinXP
691 "failed assertion `type && lit && "null" when compiling
692 P3D & ENABLE_DEPTH_SORT & MovieMaker's addFrame require funny coding
693 p3d text chars clipped when using small fonts
694 A "noLoop()" sketch may be unresponsive to exit request
695 potentially insufficient ellipse detail with P3D/OPENGL when scale()'d
696 text and images with alpha not setting zbuffer in P3D
697 png display error version 0135
698 problem with color selector
699 transparency in png files displays wrong
700 closing window creates new sketch in tmp without need-save-as status
701 applet export to multiple jars hangs, zips wrong files
702 exit doesn't work in some cases
703 "adding a container to a container on a different GraphicsDevice" error with OpenGL examples on Ubuntu
704 image with negative width / height
705 PImage set() requires updatePixels() with OpenGL
706 webcolor '#' literal allows questionable syntax
707 subset()
708 Book p. 118
709 LiveType: error code 4, error number 0 (Library not loaded) when running a sketch
710 bezierTangent() formula appears incorrect
711 font display differs depending on when loadFont is executed
712 Gray Curtain of Death / Kernel Panics in OS X while using the editor
713 loadString bug
714 Applet export fails with OpenGL and a code folder
715 curveTangent() todo list submission
716 loadStrings(".") should not list directory contents
717 Book p. 105 - Mispelling
718 bezierTanget has bezierPoint syntax
719 Video capture stopped working with quicktime 7.4
720 Bugzilla XML output is invalid
721 kernel panic OS X on running of script (with little snitch)
722 "this.jpg" ) fails on large image files (3MB)
723 Suggestion: Registry lookups using reflection
724 Processing hangs on startup (Mac OS X 10.4.11)
725 Apparent hangs in KDE, caused by file dialogs (gtk-helper?)
726 use textFont() before text()
727 Unicode characters not rendered to PDF with beginRecord()
728 PDF library can not render Unicode characters
729 "Copy For Discourse" throws exception
730 java crash on linux
731 Problems with noise
732 enclosing size() call in a try-catch causes processign to crash
733 Small error in loadImage() reference
734 splice throws ClassCastException when used with an array of custom objects
735 Interfaces Can't Refer to Non-Static Classes in Sketch
736 extremely highly values for frameRate produce odd results
737 Duplicate 3d faces in beginRaw() export
738 Applet won't export
739 Add auto-save into the editor
740 mouseX, mouseY, mousePressed are not updated at the right-bottom corner zone on Mac OS X
741 Book p. 309, 310 - Code errors
742 load and save tga results in upside down tga
743 Corruption when saving code containing non-ASCII characters
744 PImage mask doesn't work after first call
745 UnsatisfiedLinkError: CreatePixelFormat
746 a small error in the referece text for bezierTangent
747 a link in the reference is false
748 a small tape error in text
749 a bug into the color of the text code (Processing 0135 Beta)
750 135
751 net library dies unceremoniously on "Connection Refused"
752 bezierVertex YZ Plane fill problem
753 implement repeating textures
754 Auto Format says "too many right parentheses" when last line is a comment
755 browsers (or JVM) tends to crash when two OpenGL sketches are viewed via browser.
756 bezier tangent
757 xml library crashes inside empty CDATA section (v135)
758 problems with proMidi Libray
759 overwriting existing file using "save as" doesn't work
760 AutoFormat Color[]
761 Processing copies .svn folders when you do 'save as' and that messes up subversion repositories
762 g.smooth returns false in Java2D
763 Missing end quote in println in draw() causes out OutOfMemoryError
764 Missing end quote in println in draw() causes out OutOfMemoryError
765 smaller download size for Processing environment
766 Frame skipping with processor intensive applets using 1.6 JVM
767 fill(), stroke(), strokeWeight(), colorMode(), smooth() and others set inside setup() sometimes not set once draw() arrives
768 Forum Posting Problems
769 Space after OPENGL param breaks export
770 Can't launch exported applet .jar
771 Add support style attribute for path tag to Candy SVG
772 Upgrade to NanoXML (from NanoXML-lite) breaks Candy SVG (current svn)
773 Candy SVG enhancement request: constructor from XMLElement (current svn snapshot)
774 Incorrect tesselation in 3D space, not in 2D space (concave geometry)
775 Sketches in 0136+ occasionally do not start when the run button is pressed
776 Add "compile" animation to the run button
777 Create Font / by zero
778 "Unable to access jarfile" during export
779 keyPressed doesn't acknowledge
780 New version 0136 cannot run
781 processing 0136 the "RUN" don't work
782 don't run in processing 0136
783 Nothing runs in 0136 or 0137 on Mac OS X (Leopard)
784 Run only works for primary window in 0137
785 Threading problem with textFont
786 Slow response or spinning wheel from the menu bar on Mac OS X 10.5
787 New version processing 0137 don't work under xp
788 importing a library results in "expecting EOF, found ..." error
789 parse error when using import statement "expecting EOF, found 'void'" (0137 regression from 0136)
790 xml.getIntAttribute() returns a float
791 video crashes applet with 'Invalid memory access'
792 No examples running due to exception
793 VDIG
794 read-only svn is down again, probably
795 error highlight appears broken in 0138
796 "Target VM failed to initialize: VM initialization failed" when trying to run
797 Processing 136+ does nothing, sometimes throws up error code (leopard ppc?)
798 Programs run with release 0136+ are sometimes slower due to Java 1.5
799 Runner won't start MacOSX 10.4.11
800 Vista 64 Bugs to Report
801 Processing Icon skewed in Vista 64
802 rect() not displaying properly (Vista 64)
803 Heap space issue with export application
804 the sound stop after first seconds when playing quicktime
805 Crash instead of syntax error reporting
806 Text position is rounded before scaling in default renderer
807 inside, don't hardwire the file extension types
808 NullPointerException when using noStroke() with inner class inside setup()
809 jikes not available for eee pc
810 File-Save stops running sketch
811 Vista 64 / textFont work-around / null pointer bug
812 "src/processing/xxxx/ uses unchecked or unsafe operations." when building the processing
813 getChild(), getChildren() in XMLElement not properly handling namespaces
814 0136+ is more strict about library imports
815 resizing the pde window doesn't redraw contents on Linux
816 Scroll arrow hidden in some cases with lots of sketches in OS X
817 "xxxx xxxx uses unsafe operations.", "recompile with -Xlint:xxxx", other warnings in 0140
818 mouseX, mouseY both 0 in mouseReleased if not moved before
819 PDF Export library does not work properly
820 can't parse error text: duplicate variable declaration
821 [LaunchRunner Error][]) threw an exception
822 libraries not showing up in "Import Library" menu
823 importing the xml library inside a library results in java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
824 can't parse error text: missing library / class
825 can't launch pde from /usr/bin, but works fine from the processing directory
826 Documentation for text doesn't mention relationship with rectMode()
827 hint(DISABLE_DEPTH_TEST) doesn't give expected results with P3D and OPENGL
828 0142 "cannot parse error text" and -Xlint:unchecked on non-English systems
829 Serial.available() does not work when the video library is imported.
830 don't open more than one window for Color Selector, Create Font, and others
831 basic mode shows PApplet code added by preprocessor in error message
832 problem on processing 0142
833 bug when i use extrusion script on windows with processing 0142
834 bug on core maybe ?
835 Closing the last window doesn't cause PDE to save it's position/contents/etc
836 fill() no longer works when called in setup() for versions 0138 or later
837 PDE does not remember preferences for window size and screen orientation
838 Launching Processing.exe causes "Could not find the main class. The program will exit"
839 I can't type or code in the IDE
840 add comment/uncomment to right-click edit menu
841 Right click to indent, dedent
842 Missing directory when building under Linux
843 Book p. 203 - Code Error
844 text( String, float, float, float, float ) draws text outside box
845 asin() reference mistake
846 Book p. 322 - Code Error
847 Error in ortho() reference
848 Getting 'use textFont() before text()' error
849 I am new and can not run ANY sketch
850 Alpha fill too weak
851 patch for processing/build/macosx/
852 Sketches in 0136+ occasionally do not start when the run button is pressed
853 framerate is inconsistent in applets running in Firefox on OS X
854 implement input method support for Japanese (and other languages)
855 xcb xlib lock problems on Linux
856 Implement u,v parameters for sphereDetail()
857 Vista: Error Getting the Processing Data Folder
858 smooth() doesn't work with Processing 0142 Beta and built-in jvm
859 concat/subset screws up object arrays
860 It doesn't run quite well on vista home basic (intel GMA X3100)
861 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: processing/core/PApplet on Mac OS X
862 Error Launching exported application. Could not find main class
863 Nothing happens when sketch is run
864 3d and opengl dont work in vista
865 ClassNotFoundException when running a sketch on Mac OS X 10.5
866 bad text character spacing when using createFont (native fonts)
867 Auto format gives "Too Many Right parentheses" error when there isn't.
868 Movie Threading problem
869 methods named color cause compile error
870 Error: Use textFont() before textSize()
871 smooth() randomly disabled in JAVA2D
872 error on sample code: splitStrings v0135
873 Processing IDE crashes when clicking help menu
874 first few frames of OpenGL sketches run slowly
875 Color Selector Preview Wrong in 0135 beta
876 Divergent Trigonometric calculations
877 Exceptions not being reported properly to the PDE, lines with errors not highlighting
878 Error on Windows that JDK is not installed even when it is
879 Processing sketches won't start if Java is not installed and in the PATH on Linux
880 Auto Format throws an exception with code that doesn't have a newline at the end
881 OpenGL sketches will not run from Eclipse
882 sketches that use the video library sometimes hang when used with other libraries (serial or opengl)
883 Preferences for items in the Tools menu
884 Enable native code from the Tools menu
885 Implement a means for re-organizing Tools into other menus, or re-organizing the Tools menu
886 rework built-in Tools (Auto Format, Copy for Discourse, etc.) to use the new tools api
887 Missing image in TextureCube example
888 error line highlighting incorrect in 0148
889 add command line options to open and run (or present) a sketch
890 Problem with using Processing/OpenGL in Eclipse
891 GLDrawableFactory.chooseGraphicsConfiguration() error with OpenGL and release 0148
892 Toolmenu won't show until I compile Mangler
893 text box doesn't keep the boundary.
894 Exception in thread "Animation Thread" when using delay()
895 transport error 202
896 Priority link on show_bug.cgi broken
897 Freeze on Save as Dialog. (GTK)
898 could not run the skectch
899 text(String, float, float, float, float) keep content from previous 'textBox'
900 the syntax reference does not mention typecasting
901 Book p. 536 - Line break problem
902 Book p. 397 - Type too light
903 Book p. 81 - Foot mark in place of apostrophe
904 pushMatrix throws NullPointerException
905 expecting EOF, found 'void?
906 tools without package don't load
907 Using multiple .jar files option in preferences doesn't work
908 Cannot run OpenGL sketches on Linux with Nvidia card
909 example on curve() reference page needs noFill()
910 Theres a bug in the RegisteredMethods class when unregistering methods.
911 Mac OS X 10.5.4 + NFS Home Folder: "Problem getting data folder. Error getting the Processing data folder"
912 Error messages not clearing the message area
913 Static mode applet export doesn't pick up size
914 crash/beachball/unresponsive when computer wakes up from sleep (core/serial)
915 Menu hotkeys not assigned
916 Examples/Basic/Typography/Words needs noLoop()
917 Hang while selecting popup menu
918 Create Font tool crashes when "include all characters" is checked.
919 Help menu causes hangs and sometimes crashes.
920 Font width calculation fails when using vectorfonts and PDF
921 sketches should only write to the console of their editor window
922 renaming the main tab adds .pde to the sketch folder name in 0148
923 present mode is broken / placement of elements in present mode is incorrect
924 javadoc comments from basic mode don't show up at the top of the class
925 Provide another 3d api, that is a bridge to blender
926 Book p. 139 - reference to transform() instead of translate()
927 "Processing.exe has stopped working" when double clicking the file
928 duplicate tab
929 Sketch must be saved to use constructor
930 OPENGL mode sketches flicker on Vista when background() is not used inside draw()
931 broken link to java to javascript communication info under libraries
932 split() array element results in conditional statement not working.
933 copy() does not update the screen with OpenGL
934 OpenGL and Video library conflict on OSX 10.5.5 in eclipse
935 PImage cannot be rotated (eclipse)
936 memory issue when using transparent strokes
937 extrusion example error
938 Vertical (Y) text alignment differs between loadFont() and createFont()
939 Rename adds .pde to end of sketch folder name.
940 Error on creation of more than two tabs
941 Implement efficient version of copy() in PGraphicsOpenGL
942 Implement an efficient version of blend() for PGraphicsOpenGL
943 implement setImpl() instead of set() inside PGraphicsOpenGL
944 blue line in OpenGL images with get(), save() or saveFrame() when height is an odd number
945 sketch export results in 100x100 default size, regardless of size() setting
946 Tab Blocks in IDE
947 Implement support for complex shapes when using the OpenGL renderer
948 Post draw in Libraries with 148
949 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException after pressing Run with release 0149
950 libxcb lock error on Linux
951 Fix error message spew on Linux when choosing files or folders
952 NullPointerException on curveVertex() when using more than 128 vertices in revision 0150
953 BouncyBubbles Example has error in 0150 Beta
954 text(x, y, w, h) not enclosing text properly in 0150
955 strokeWeight() produces ugly results with P2D, P3D, and OPENGL
956 Lines with strokeWeight() set are flat in P3D and can disappear when rotated or transformed
957 Internal lines of shapes are visible when smooth() is enabled in P3D
958 OpenGL rendering is more dim/darker in release 0149 and later
959 "JDWP unable to initialize: Error 111 from JNI GetEnv" when running on Mac OS X PPC
960 Nothing wil run or export on my iBook G4 running OS X 10.3.9
961 Movie cannot be read straight after load
962 Video width and height broken in 0151
963 Any chance of being able to create and save XMLElements?
964 Exception in thread "event-handler" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -337
965 Memory bug
966 Capture doesn't work for version 0151 beta
967 when your disk is full, Processing zeroes files when it tries to save changes
968 implement proper save methods with temporary files
969 case issue with renaming of images within data directory
970 ClassNotFoundException: quicktime.std.StdQTException with release 0152
971 com.sun.jdi.AbsentInformationException when running a sketch
972 calculating font width for vector fonts does not work starting with processing 0150
973 In the sketchbook menu the 'libraries' folder should be hidden
974 Could not run the sketch. "Could not create the Java virtual machine."
975 Mangled code and comments in 3rd printing of Reas & Fry "Processing"
976 setting when not using OS X causes permissions error with web start
977 'Present' mode does not work anymore
978 Null pointer exception when using P2D
979 arrayCopy: syntax code coloring
980 PImage loadPixels/updatePixels
981 processing gui doesn't start (some wrong path?)
982 loadShape(); doesn't parse transformations correctly and crashes when drawing emtpy paths
983 Implement Import in the File Menu
984 hint(DISABLE_DEPTH_TEST) throws NullPointerException with OpenGL
985 No textures render with hint(ENABLE_ACCURATE_TEXTURES)
986 "An error occurred while starting the application" on non US-English systems running Windows
987 "Save canceled" message when saving untitled sketches without renaming them in 0154
988 MovieMaker cannot produce 30.0 fps output
989 From a-z when closing Processing
990 String (standard) functions are not listed in the Extended Reference listing
991 Auto Format Canceled: Too many left parentheses.
992 continue to have problem exporting my sketch, get blank white 100 square
993 Tabs menu no longer works on 0154
994 PVector color hint
995 Ubuntu with Extra level visual effects causes the X server to freeze
996 implement support for elliptical arc ('a' and 'A') for SVG files
997 java.lang.VerifyError when initialising.
998 Present Mode broken
999 empty shape or duplicate vertices with P2D causes NullPointerException
1000 P3D with smooth() has zbuffer glitches
1001 P3D with smooth() is slow
1002 Renaming Files in 155
1003 easy way to disable "esc"-exit
1004 OpenGL + Full Screen No Render
1005 SVG polygon shapes not drawing since loadShape() and PShape changes
1006 hitting ESC inside Color Selector will quit Processing
1007 compiler error in mobile-processing 0007 on windows xp
1008 Blending innacuracies (particularly ADD)
1009 Present mode and OPENGL not working in 0156 with Windows Vista
1010 show sketch folder fails for directories containing umlauts
1011 Download page - date of version 156 is wrong
1012 Find in Reference does not open Firefox in 0156
1013 image(a, x, y) not honoring imageMode(CENTER)
1014 mouseX mouseY not updated when mouse is at the lower right corner
1015 sin() cos() [with PI] return values not in range (-1,1)
1016 Processing cannot run because it could not create a folder to store your settings
1017 Inconsistent Class Visibility
1018 color wheel example has CENTER_RADIUS colorMode
1019 beginShape(TRIANGLE_FAN), and therefore arc(), broken in P2D
1020 For less font smoothing, automatically use textMode(SCREEN) with text() when possible
1021 P2D beginShape/endShape path closing by default, w/o CLOSE arg
1022 adding primitive calls between beginShape/endShape not enforced
1023 P2D - null pointer exception drawing line with alpha stroke
1024 P2D - alpha stroke rendered at full opacity
1025 JAVA2D/P2D - rect() stroke is one pixel too wide/high
1026 strokeCap is broken in P2D, v0158
1027 arc() center transparent in P3D and 0158+
1028 beziers, bezier- and curveVertices are always closed in P2D v0158_rev5167
1029 RequestImage example misses it's jpegs
1030 comment in Double Random example wrong
1031 Focus not returning to editor properly
1032 stroke showing above fill when used with P3D
1033 Link wrong on PVector reference - goes to source instead of dev reference
1034 calling frame.setSize() doesn't work
1035 Please make CENTER_RADIUS deprecated
1036 Improve detection and handling of missing semicolons
1037 back button to PVector from method ref page
1038 OPENGL - bindTexture error
1039 Error after creating more than 26 temporary sketches in one day
1040 Processing IDE icon ALT + Tab low res in windows xp
1041 Movie Loop example w/ Java2D
1042 OpenGL + Movie Example (Loop)
1043 Add option to use full screen exclusive mode on present inside the PDE
1044 key command for prev/next tab works, but not the menu
1045* classes do not work with releases in the 0149 and later
1046 Horizontal two finger scroll doesn't work in OS X
1047 font for setup() and draw() is not bold on OS X
1048 command line support is currently broken
1049 put example sketches in individual files, unpack and load as untitled sketches
1050 Failed compile on Export or Export to Application still creates folder and leaves mess behind
1051 Present Mode extra static window in top left
1052 flickering and red-blue vertical mirroring when using updatePixels with OpenGL on OSX
1053 Implement support for complex shapes when using the P2D and P3D renderers
1054 background redrawing in OPENGL
1055 Capture ( doesn't work with OpenGL renderer
1056 Screen flickering when using OpenGL without background() inside draw()
1057 Update applet.html and applet-opengl.html to point at Java 6u10
1058 Multiplying floats returns erroneous values.
1059 Multiplying floats returns erroneous values.
1060 split( String, String ) with brackets in delimiter causes regex.PatternSyntaxException
1061 createGraphics talks about P2D coming back soon
1062 An error occured while starting the application
1063 PDE is not starting on Mac OS X ("CallStaticVoidMethod() threw an exception")
1064 "space-import-space-quote-semicolon" Causes Error in String or Comment
1065 strange visual artifacts in user interface (menus, buttons, etc) mangled inside the editor
1066 sketchbook show bad
1067 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with File > New (Processing 1.0)
1068 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ellipseImpl() with 1.0
1069 Exiting a sketch with Command-Q or File > Quit doesn't call stop() on OS X
1070 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occuring on Processing 1.0 when invoking File -> New
1071 ⌘/ does not comment code
1072 "An unknown error occurred..." message on startup in OS X
1073 "editor.indent" setting does not work properly
1074 modelx/y/z broken when aiming a camera
1075 multiple line tabbing
1076 processing quit
1077 Processing 1.0 won't launch
1078 the new 1.0 can't work. (OSX)
1079 add page that explains how to install a library or tool
1080 Error creating a new file
1081 Command-Shift-N not creating a new tab on OS X 10.4.11
1082 Commander preferences file option
1083 Processing 1.0 R0162 won't start on Linux
1084 Empty "code" folder causes problems with Export
1085 background(PGraphics) is transparent in saveFrame(String)
1086 OutOfMemoryError with ellipse() in P3D and OPENGL (1.0.1)
1087 Add Mark and Space parity to the Serial library
1088 Video library example code does not work on Processing 1.0.1 for MacOSX 10.5.5
1089 truncated filename causes exception when reopening a sketch and trying to run
1090 point(x,y) ignores noStroke()
1091 default sketch saving name
1092 after deleting a tab code still get's preprocessed, pde-file is not forgotten
1093 apparent memory leak in rotateX() and rotateY()
1094 point() and set() sometimes very slow on Mac OS X
1095 inconsistencies with arc() angles
1096 PGraphics text and rect bug found
1097 Texture distortion using P3D without smooth()
1098 Don't copy resource forks and extended metadata on OS X build
1099 beginRaw() not properly exporting shapes in version 1.0.1
1100 1.0.1 "expert" does not find Java
1101 Memory leak with textFont() in JAVA2D
1102 Saving the project with the same name as an existing tab may delete code
1103 Default wildcard imports are causing naming conflicts
1104 some fonts don't get listed on Windows (but do on MacOSX)
1105 OpenGL rendering ignores 4x-Smoothing, specular, ambient, emissive and shininess
1106 keyPressed()/keyReleased() missing events
1107 PGraphicsJava2D.resize() not working the same as PGraphics2D.resize()
1108 Crash when trying to open from file menu only
1109 Processing doesn't start due to color scheme choice
1110 point() not drawing with P3D
1111 Implement better caching mechanism when creating large fonts
1112 kernel panic on OS X with large drawing areas
1113 Video capture won't work with OpenGL renderer
1114 Incorrect error information (red spew) on missing libraries
1115 DepthSortIssue?
1116 Can't use classes defined in separate tab
1117 using ellipse cause ArrayOutOfBoundException
1122 Fix algorithm for quadratic to cubic curve conversion in PGraphicsOpenGL and PShapeSVG
1123 Sketchbook sub-menu is empty after changing Sketchbook location preference
1124 does not create parent directories
1125 Exported applet does not update
1126 "Could not find the main class: Program will exit."
1127 Processing will not start with non-standard disk partitioning on OS X
1128 Got NoClassDefFoundError exception when accessing quicktime API
1129 Got NoClassDefFoundError exception when accessing quicktime API
1130 Got NoClassDefFoundError exception when accessing quicktime API
1131 multipage pdf works not like described in the docs
1132 tint() not working in P2D version 1.0.1
1133 ImageIcon not recognized
1134 Pressing <Esc> in "Are you sure you want to Quit?" dialog quits Processing
1135 intermittent quicktime bug
1136 Make Sketchbook a first level menu item
1137 blend() dy coordinate inversion when using OpenGL
1138 present option in application export workaround
1139 no documentation on commandline compilation of sketches.
1140 Repeating tabs/buttons
1141 Recent sketches
1142 Book p. 76 - Bézier vertices examples incorrect
1143 fullscreen mode + different method of loading textures
1144 using gl, polygons don't show up in pdf with beginRaw/endRaw
1145 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException caused by import statements with no dots
1146 PImage blend with DARKEST is broken
1147 rxtx syslog problems on OSX
1148 Enhancement: function to get the sketch name
1149 Book p. 135 - Incorrect value in comments -
1150 Functionality similar to: glPushAttrib(GL.GL_ALL_ATTRIB_BITS)
1151 Functionality similar to: glPushAttrib(GL.GL_ALL_ATTRIB_BITS) (Enhancement suggestion)
1152 Book p. 117 - repeated word 'be'
1153 curveVertex; ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
1154 Replace make-based build with Maven
1155 saveFrame crashes Processing when using OPENGL after calling noLoop()
1156 nf() with a float and right decimal of 0 doesn't work
1157 Applet doesn't run.
1158 open() doesn't support relative paths
1159 This is not actually a bug, but a fix or enhancement for out of memory issues
1160 try{} catch exception not found; pde/networking library uncatchable peer disconnects, no clean client exits possible
1161 Editor stops receiving keyboard input after running a program.
1162 beginShape/endShape to draw QUADS and QUAD_STRIP behaves incorrectly for P2D (1.0.1)
1163 Screen size not detected in Linux
1164 The sketch tunrs blue and I can not write. Mac OSX
1165 Saving sketch with the same name as a class or primitive breaks sketch
1166 [Feature Request] Add textFont to pushStyle props
1167 frameRate vs. frameRateTarget
1168 point ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
1169 pdf export: endRecord or endRaw produces RuntimeException in 1.0.2
1170 Description text should appear first after the method name, not below "examples"; add next/previous links for browsing the reference
1171 Filled shapes not exporting with beginRaw/endRaw with OpenGL
1172 pdf export: strokeWeight() ignored with beginRaw/endRaw
1173 OpenGL: no difference for stroke weights above 10
1174 PImage.copy() not including the bottom and rightmost pixels of srcImage
1175 P2D transformation oddity
1176 resizing window in OPENGL distorts all graphics
1177 noCursor does not work in Present mode
1178 PShape rotate() function in CENTER mode acting weird...
1179 -X option in not supported in Mac OS X 10.4
1180 noCursor() conflicts with present mode on Linux
1181 moviemaker Cannot render "OpenGL" sketch on Mac OSX
1182 smooth() has no effect in offscreen PGraphicsJava2D
1183 save as could copy images, fonts, etc to new project
1184 Some examples do not work.
1185 Alpha() strange behaviour on very low numbers
1186 trouble launching Processing 1.01
1187 Extra space at top of processing window.
1188 assert not supported
1189 texts are not correct by pdf export
1190 Export to full-screen Linux application works only occasionally
1191 P2D 2 vertex() line calls with fill() causes duplicate output-works fine in other renderers
1192 P2D beginShape(TRIANGLES) problem
1193 not saving sketch when exiting and one confirmes that the sketch should be saved
1194 comments not always colored correctly
1195 Bilinear filtering hard-coded in internal blit function
1196 XML attributes named "xmlns" always return NULL
1197 Image created with img.get() works incorrectly when using filter()
1198 Image created with img.get() works incorrectly when using filter()
1199 Confusing errors if a sketch defines a class with same name as the sketch
1200 Enhancement request: Let size() resizing the window at any time.
1201 Processing 1.03 starts up scrambled on *second* run
1202 match regex working as expected?
1203 fill with alpha irregular behavior
1204 Book p. 459 - Code errors
1205 Book p. 460 - Code error
1206 Changing tabs in Processing 1.0.3 on OS/X is marking file as changed
1207 improve speed of text(x, y, w, h) when using large strings with no spaces
1208 commandline option "--preferences" is not handled
1209 commandline build fails for sketches with import statements
1210 Application export error with files containing sound
1211 3D transparent panel refuses to fill with colour
1212 3D transparent panel refuses to fill with colour
1213 Cannot load font in applet
1214 Fixes for invoking Processing from arbitrary locations & passing arguments to command line version
1215 Audio with QT playback
1216 No place to put attachments on Bugzilla
1217 1.0.3: Accelerators in dialogues incorrectly implemented
1218 missing link to 'add bug to bug list'
1219 sketch screen is not updated unless dragged 'beneath' the monitor screen
1220 selectInput() fails when called from within keyPressed()
1221 file chooser dialogs fail with OpenGL on linux.
1222 noFill() funtion affects fill in offscreen rendering
1223 MovieMaker
1224 Menubar of the processing app that I've built often gets stuck in front of other apps
1225 antlr errors when attempting to run code
1226 finder info on application says 1.0.1 for 1.0.3
1227 PDF library matrix is not reset between frames
1228 'Processing' name makes web searches very difficult.
1229 createInput fails to open a file stream
1230 File-Print Bizzare Behavior
1231 When building from source keyboard shortcuts don't work
1232 imageMode(CENTER) doesn't work properly in P2D mode
1233 video capture & open GL
1234 capture webcam (from pde to java )
1235 enhancement
1236 link broken
1237 IDE crashed when changing color scheme on windows
1238 saveFrame in PGraphics
1239 preferences.txt should use systems default location
1240 Reference that comes with software is missing some Transform & Lights, Camera functions
1241 can't resolve the 'java.lang.NullPointerException'-problem
1242 FileNotFoundException for java\lib\zi\America\Indianapolis
1243 add a function to shift in a given direction
1244 strokeCap(ROUND); not working on OPENGL
1245 PImage cacheMap problem when using PImage.get()
1246 "Could not find the main class: Program will exit." on Vista 64
1247 ALT key event is called constantly when switching windows with ALT+TAB
1248 Sprite applet crashes whole system in Firefox on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope
1249 Sprite applet crashes whole system in Firefox on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope
1250 Space at beginning of linux "processing" shell script prevents it from starting
1251 java.lang.NullPointerException when opening sketch
1252 JAVA2D has a memory leak with MODEL manipulated text
1253 MovieMaker example program does not work on mac: 'quicktime' exceptionerror
1254 Tabs not being picked up
1255 endShape() throws java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
1256 Time Slider, visualizations of time-based processes
1257 "Target VM failed to initialize" when using Present mode on Mac OS X
1258 Mac app reports incorrect version
1259 OPENGL fails with 'no jogl in java.library.path'
1260 Duplicate entries in the File menu
1261 Blank sketch opened even if opening an existing sketch by double-clicking
1262 1.0.4 You need to use "Import Library" add processing.opengl.PGraphicsOpenGL to your sketch.
1263 Erroneous line highlighting is off by one if there is no setup() routine
1264 "Mysterious" internal crash if wrong code (empty PGraphics)
1265 sketch edition locked after running once
1266 Support for smooth text in the PDE editor
1267 Tab key does not function properly in editor
1268 processing can't run
1269 OPENGL won't work anymore in 1.0.5
1270 stop() problem on noLoop();
1271 JOGL expired certificates and other dialogs
1272 arc() angles are calculated clockwise instead of counter-clockwise
1273 Capture dies when opening unavailable camera.
1274 Projecting 2D image in 3D space w/ P3D
1275 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to adapt histogram example
1276 suggest declaring PDF's members protected
1277 System Crash Caused By Script Pointing To processing Script
1278 Additional Library Examples are not populated in PDE
1279 Path to preferences.txt file in the preferences dialog should be selectable.
1280 Semitransparent rect drawn over image not rendered correctly
1281 Stacktrace-printing hardcoded in
1282 ARGB vs. RGB in PImage#getImage
1283 P2D bug: strokeWeight lines 2X too wide (v1.05)
1284 Use textFont() before text()
1285 Bug 986 on Processing 1.0.5 Launch4j error, stated modul was not found
1286 OPENGL crashes immediately, Processing 1.05, Mac OS X 10.4.11, Mac PPC
1287 Everything PDF is broken
1288 Resizing window in OPENGL breaks ImageCaches
1289 syntax error in Button Example code
1290 Processing-1.0.5 won't launch on Windows
1291 Date.getTime() fails after second execution - interference with month() day() hour() etc
1292 Java Object Date.getTime() malfunctioning when executed more than once
1293 After exporting *.pde, only just blank screen displayed. (With GS video library)
1294 "class fFrame extends Frame {" it works in first run but later doesn't ..
1295 Recursive subfolder copy when exporting application
1296 modelX(), modelY(), and modelZ() are broken by camera() function
1297 Auto format problem with program deeper then 10 levels
1298 Command line interface
1299 no image() appears in P2D, P3D, and OPENGL after noFill() is called
1300 delay() doesn't seem to work in setup() method
1301 G5 PPC won't run OPENGL
1302 window placement off screen when the values for size() is larger than the display screen
1303 add proper copyright and license information for all included projects
1304 Video library doesn't work in Snow Leopard (with either Quicktime X or Quicktime 7)
1305 applyMatrix with images
1306 menu text not displayed
1307 menu text not displayed
1308 fields in inner classes cannot be static
1309 textAlign(JUSTIFY)
1310 bugzilla not aware of YABB profile update
1311 problems with dividing
1312 Auto-format kills Unicode characters.
1313 Some Unicode characters not displayed correctly in P3D or OPENGL
1314 included OPENGL examples in 1.0.6 fail with 'no jogl in java.library.path'
1315 menu error doesn't pull down and freezes
1316 PVector.angleDistance() returns NaN in 1.0.6
1317 menu doesn't show up proper
1318 processing (arduino) freezes
1319 processing (arduino) freezes
1320 Processing 1.0.7 losing some preferences settings
1321 Exporting Problem
1322 The theme.txt file is only searched in the install dir
1323 Concurrency problem when using noLoop()
1324 "Unrecognized option: -d32" on OS X 10.4
1325 Not all preferences get saved/loaded correctly
1326 "An error occurred while starting the application" with sketchbook on a network disk and on non US-English systems running Windows
1327 Library names cannot contain dashes or version numbers, as is standard java convention
1328 Can't run on Windows XP SP2
1329 Ide unable to save user preferences
1330 link() failing with some versions of Java on Mac OS X
1331 Outdated "Get the latest Java Plug-in here"
1332 Creating a new tab and deleting it causes errors when Run is pressed
1333 Missing examples and sketchbook in snow leopard
1334 Processing is not opening on my laptop that runs on Windows Vista Basic.
1335 Open recent (sketches) menu.
1336 Editor font size lost on restart
1337 Preferences.txt is getting reset.
1338 [0] "Unrecognized option: -d32" [1] "Could not create the Java virtual machine."
1339 PGraphics.get() throws IndexOutOfBoundsException in OpenGL
1340 Please handle Ctrl+Ins and Shift+Ins in editor
1341 "Unrecognized option: -d32" when running sketch from 1.0.7 in
1342 enhancement - documentation
1343 Open the PDF library a bit more
1344 Preferences: Increase maximum available memory is not persistant
1345 clientEvent gets executed even when there is not data from server
1346 OPAQUE filter is not implemented
1347 Book p. 191 - Type mismatch
1348 Drawing area too big with Firefox under Linux
1349 get() with OPENGL is grabbing the wrong part of the image
1350 Bug in Minim's reverse FFT
1351 Email changes are not inherited from discourse (YaBB)
1352 Blurred PImages in OPENGL sketches (1.0.8)
1353 Applet html template - cab codebase points to 1.5.0
1354 Using large size() and P3D results in tearing and repeating of screen
1355 processing very slow after a sketch using frame.setLocation(1280,0);
1356 mouseX, mouseY not updating
1357 size(x,y,OPENGL) won't load the library
1358 Should use xdg-open as launcher on Linux
1359 OpenGL jitter
1360 (1.0.8+) opengl + resize window => window content garbled
1361 matchAll() tag problem
1362 Error compiling when 'new' is first word in an 'else' block
1363 redraw() doesn't work from within draw()
1364 OpenGL applet problems
1365 OpenGL internals called within stop()
1366 Variable length argument lists don't seem to work in processing...
1367 wrong character encoding in console when using println()
1368 pushMatrix()-like limits and errors/warning for unmatched pushStyle()s?
1369 Processing cannot run because it could not create a folder to store your settings
1370 utterly minimal processing program doesn't work as html applet
1371 Only part of sketch is displayed in Present Mode
1372 background() clears background to incorrect color when passing in hex literal
1373 Does not accept a color declaration
1374 Examples grayed out
1375 Need to document NaN and Inf or -Inf for functions that can return them
1376 bitwise & operator 'cannot convert from int to byte'
1377 weird compiler behaviour
1378 Panels get pushed to the background in OpenGL mode
1379 android mode is currently per-editor (and clunky)
1380 automatically load android mode for android sketches (save last mode used for sketches)
1381 get stdout and stderr from the emulator/device
1382 touch drag events not coming through properly in android.processing.core
1383 remove android sdk installation requirement
1384 errors that happen inside events (e.g. keys) not highlighting lines
1385 remove various debug messages on the console
1386 implement the "stop" button on the toolbar
1387 ignore when user clicks 'run' multiple times
1388 move the android tools into its own source package in SVN
1389 implement selector to choose the default device for debugging
1390 implement means for selecting the AVD
1391 Resize PGraphics3D
1392 remove the need for a "Reset Android" menu option
1393 Clipping not implemented in P3D
1394 quotes in Android dialogs have garbled characters due to encoding issues
1395 fix problem with <BR> entries showing up in android error dialog on Windows and Linux
1396 Implement P3D, OpenGL, A3D for Android
1397 size() command is currently ignored in Android
1398 separate "PApplet" into separate View and Activity classes
1399 too many temporary objects (particularly w/ color) created with PGraphicsAndroid2D renderer
1400 remove unnecessary processing.xml.* code from android-core
1401 remove processing.opengl.* classes and finish PGraphicsAndroid3D
1402 remove legacy PGraphics3D class from
1403 NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/tools/ant/BuildException when starting android mode
1404 app not pausing or closing when switching to another activity
1405 not handling key characters correctly (space bar, tab, others)
1406 mouseClicked() is currently missing
1407 "taskdef class cannot be found" when starting on running Android sketches on Linux
1408 Some floating points numbers in SVG paths are not correctly handled
1409 Processing crashes on startup on Mac after Java update
1410 when opening a URL connection on Debian Linux
1411 To many left bracers error when using hex color notation
1412 To many left bracers error when using hex color notation
1413 inconsistent anti-aliasing with OpenGL
1414 loadImage() and other loadXxxx() functions not yet working on Android
1415 modify PVector to include better methods for chaining operations
1416 vlw loadFont is not the same quality as createFont
1417 memory leak playing video
1418 Sketch not saved when another sketch opened in the same editor.
1419 Wrong display of comments on HTML page
1420 images copied have alpha channel set to FE
1421 video library not working on export to web
1422 Possible bug when using "serialEvent"
1423 PGraphics3D: beginDraw does not release old textures
1424 Update JNA so that Processing will run on Windows 7 64-bit
1425 opengl sketches run at 30fps in present mode on OS X
1426 headless still requiring X11
1427 width and height variables affect window size but not sketch
1428 Processing 1.0.9 fails to open on Snow Leopard 10.6.2
1429 manifest.xml gets destroyed/rewritten on every build
1430 implement signing for distribution of android apps
1431 Not a video error: Invalid memory access of location....
1432 Android tools on Windows are broken due to naming changes in r4 SDK
1433 Windows Export Failure
1434 java.nio.BufferUnderflowException thrown when running Processing IDE
1435 tint() causes crash with with android
1436 colorMode() problems with HSB on Android
1437 createGraphics() currently broken on Android
1438 enhancement 4 the web explanations
1439 Library support should add proper entries to the manifest
1440 export application including video capture broken in snowleopard?
1441 Test
1442 non-void functions confuse preprocessor in isolation
1443 OutOfMemoryError with println() missing a quote
1444 add option to change console text size in preferences window
1445 undefined `width` and `height`
1446 overwritten main([]) cannot be used from within the pde
1447 Cover \ Exhibition \ Reference>Language (A-Z)>frameCount
1448 Enhancement: add skewX() and skewY() to Processing in 2D
1449 applyMatrix geometry bug (1.0.9)
1450 Bracket idenfication {} is not aware of comments //
1451 Can't make functions with return types other than void without setup
1452 NullPointerException in JOGLAppletLanucher with Java 6 Update 18 on Windows
1453 Surface cuting in P3D
1454 openGL with video capture gives OutOfMemoryError
1455 3D drawing errors
1456 IDE new button prompts for save without actually saving anything.
1457 On Ubuntu Netbook Remix - when running a sketch X restarts
1458 implement support for Right to Left (RTL) rendering of text
1459 Lack of Installers - (I've written some)
1460 Cannot run program "java": error=2, No such file or directory on Mac OS X
1461 "smooth" option being ignored in the Create Font tool
1462 add shuffle() methods
1463 Shift-backspace should behave like backspace, not delete.
1464 implement a progress dialog for the Create Font tool
1465 Launch4j error
1466 LITERAL_class handling in PdeEmitter
1467 static mode sketches, and sketches that use noLoop() result in a black screen on Android
1468 X restarts when using Processing on Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 on EeeeD
1469 ANDROID_SDK errors on OS X even when it's set
1470 Remove JDK requirement for Android mode, and the PATH setting requirement
1471 Remove ANDROID_SDK environment variable requirement
1472 .java files are reported as duplicate classes with the Android build
1473 Cannot find libraries in 0178
1474 /reference/environment/platforms.html is down
1475 Possible improvements to selectInput, selectOutput, selectFolder
1476 Processing app.Commander (command line) does not work with sketches that use external libraries
1477 filter(DILATE/ERODE) - dilate(boolean) has bug in clamping of top kernel coordinate
1478 add method to bring up the keyboard in sketches
1479 Negative number as int compiles incorrectly, until saved
1480 excessive rotation of application causes memory to run out
1481 sketches must be removed manually if the debug keystore changes
1482 copy and blend scale when unnecessary
1483 screen orientation change causes crash on Droid
1484 when returning to android application, sometimes screen stays black
1485 "The application ... has stopped unexpectedly." when quitting a slow app
1486 values for pmouseX/Y are missing values on android
1487 for efficiency, resize() should use the android image resizing code
1488 implement createGraphics() for A2D/P3D/OPENGL
1489 implement size() and createGraphics() for arbitrary renderers
1490 should alpha PImage stuff use a non-4byte config?
1491 implement multiple pointers / multi-touch API
1492 add clear and close to all stream methods
1493 Cannot run revision 6305 -- class missing
1494 loadFont causes android app to hang
1495 Emulator still runs when sketch doesn't compile.
1496 Vector, Stack, Iterator etc aren't automatically imported
1497 rotate seems to be in degrees by default (not radians like applet Processing)
1498 version 5 of Google APIs is *required* (not "at least")
1499 screen variable doesn't exist
1500 when running a sketch, need to unlock the device
1501 add option to disable re-opening previous projects
1502 consider adding setOutput() to write renderers to a stream instead of a file path
1503 SVG path parsing doesn't support implicit commands
1504 add means of setting a filename/path with selectInput/Output
1505 File paths failing - Processing 1.1
1506 Processing 1.1 Syntax errors
1507 Processing 1.1 - Open two or more sketches
1508 sketch window is partly off the top of the screen
1509 exit() doesn't
1510 in version 1.1 : PFont.szie not visible, bug or feature?
1511 Comments with non-ascii characters before import statement -> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
1512 Preprocessor thinks "this /* string" begins a comment
1513 can't associate .pde file type with Windows 7
1514 Non UTF8 caracters cause preprocess error
1515 generics: extends syntax broken on classes and methods
1516 Local inner class variable with generic parameter fails compile
1517 Field inner class variable with generic parameter fails compile
1518 Static method declaration with nested generic parameters fails compile
1519 nhelpful syntax error message for extra > in type argument
1520 Download Error: Could not download Android
1521 pixelShift in OpenGl crash
1522 unexpected token: boolean
1523 in processing 0181
1524 don't export libraries that aren't compatible with android (OpenGL in particular)
1525 Compile errors for greater than/less than with parentheses
1526 remove older AVD when processing makes updates
1527 "Bad file descriptor" and "Stream closed" exceptions on first launch of a sketch in the emulator
1528 "Error running javac.exe" when building with Android tools
1529 Find-in-Reference command is easily overlooked.
1530 fix OpenGL detection in sketches so that proper version of export template is used
1531 Can't input full-width space when Japanese IME is on.
1532 "expecting LPAREN, found '='" with syntax errors
1533 Black bar on top of window in Present mode
1534 Unterminated string constant with char assignment of escaped double quotes
1535 textMode(SHAPE) is not supported by this renderer.
1536 unable to associate .pde files with processing
1537 Extremly slow default JAVA2D renderer on Linux
1538 missing reference pages for keywords
1539 error report ...It looks like you're mixing "active" and "static" modes
1540 String.length() has charAt() as syntax
1541 antlr grammar should not need to re-build unless changed
1542 OpenGL mode leaking memory
1543 keyboard lost after launching sketch
1544 array initialization (Processing v. 0182)
1545 RuntimeException: Inside for err: adb devices
1546 Android compiler errors on Windows not reporting actual errors or line number highlighting
1547 processing boolean "online" causes compiler error
1548 processing constant CONTROL causes compiler error
1549 processing sh script can't launch sketches directly.
1550 when eye and center of camera get too close, then filled shapes are not drawn.
1551 Can't save global-changes to preferences.txt
1552 Book p. 675
1553 "Help About" splash screen won't go away
1554 Java swing no longer works in Processing 1.1
1555 source code file names with dots and hyphens cause Processing error
1556 Minim Java Error
1557 Unsatisfied Link Error running OPENGL on 64-bit ubuntu
1558 Lost cursor()
1559 Language Reference Index
1560 only top left 100 x 100 pixels are displayed in presentation mode (Linux 1.1 and onward)
1561 "shape command not handled" on svg path load
1562 opengl "import" behavior depends on comment
1563 Not possible to add shutdown hooks
1564 Mac OS X Java Update breaks Processing
1565 image() not working on android OS
1566 PDF Library doesn't support createFont on Linux
1567 process for Processing.exe still visible in Sysinternals Process Explorer after quit
1568 Mouse coordinates are in increments of two, rather than one
1569 Assertion failure in -[CocoaAppWindow _changeJustMain]
1570 Signature issue on contributed libraries affects unrelated opengl sketches
1571 Sketchbook Items do not open from menu and preferences OK button does nothing until Processing loses focus
1572 large number of beginShape(POINTS) not rendering correctly on first frame
1573 Book p. 344 - Incorrect code
1574 blend scales when it shouldn't
1575 loadStrings doesnt search data folder when outside built-in functions