Bug 1077 : Processing 1.0 won't launch
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DUPLICATE of bug 986


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Description:   Opened: 2008-11-28 02:31
Hi. I installed Processing 1.0 on my Windows (XP) and it won't launch.
After quite a long time there is a message saying it can't work. I wasn't
worried about that but a lot of people reported me the same trouble with
their computer, on Linux (the program opens as a text and doesn't do much),
on Macintosh (the menu bar says "processing" but does nothing) and again
with windows. At that time I don't know a single person in France (I'm in
Paris and I teach media art) who opened it right, except one that I suspect
to use an american OS as he is american (maybe a reason ?). All those
persons can open very well the previous release of processing.
One of my student showed me (macintosh) that he could open processing 1.0
when using an old .pde file and asking to "open with" or draging it onto
the program icon. So it has nothing to do with Java for instance, the issue
appears at launching.
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