Bug 1470 : Remove JDK requirement for Android mode, and the PATH setting requirement
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Why does this work when no java is in the PATH? text/x-java-source 2010-03-04 07:07 987 bytes

Description:   Opened: 2010-02-21 10:04
The tools.jar included with Processing should be enough, unless people are
using their own JDK (which also needs to be handled more gracefully anyway).

Also need to remove the requirement that the PATH must include
JAVA_HOME/bin. Instead use the local JRE+tools for Processing (or keep the
requirement for advanced users).
Additional Comment #1 From fry 2010-03-04 03:05
have you fixed this one as well?
Additional Comment #2 From MrFeinberg 2010-03-04 07:06
No, but that's because I can't reproduce the condition that makes it
necessary. In other words, when I launch Base in a sterile environment (no
JAVA_HOME, no java.exe in PATH), it still works. I'll attach an app that
works from the command line in a sterile environment.
Additional Comment #3 From MrFeinberg 2010-03-04 07:07
Why does this work when no java is in the PATH?
Additional Comment #4 From MrFeinberg 2010-03-04 07:09
Ha! I've just reproduced the problem, which shows up when doing the android
ant build. Yay.
Additional Comment #5 From MrFeinberg 2010-03-04 11:08
OK, I've checked in an attempt at making JAVA_HOME and the existence of
java on PATH completely unnecessary. As always, works for me, please test.
Additional Comment #6 From fry 2010-03-05 05:09
works for me, thanks.
Additional Comment #7 From p brouwer 2010-03-30 09:25
checked 0182 from windows vista

If my PATH does not point to JDK bin, I get this error from run in android mode:
"error running javac.exe compiler" (note -- *api5* installed due to bug 1498)

Project Target: Google APIs
Vendor: Google Inc.
Platform Version: 2.0
API level: 5

D:\android-sdk-windows\platforms\android-5\templates\android_rules.xml:248: Error
running javac.exe compiler

Additional Comment #8 From fry 2010-03-31 03:22
try this again after removing that AVD in case it's related.