Bug 1001 : P3D with smooth() is slow
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Description:   Opened: 2008-11-06 13:45
Just reporting this as a reminder (mostly to myself) that there's a lot of
optimization that could be done to PSmoothTriangle to speed up rendering
with smooth() enabled. Right now there's a pretty massive frame rate drop
as compared to the default un-smoothed rendering and the prior PTriangle
accurate texture implementation. We'll never get things as fast as the
un-smoothed renderer, but we can probably get a lot closer to the old
PTriangle accurate implementation by pulling over some of those
optimizations and inlining the texel grabs.
Additional Comment #1 From fry 2008-11-06 13:52
got it, thanks.
Additional Comment #2 From grant 2009-07-13 08:39
I'm just chiming in to see if there's been any progress on this. The only reason I'm using
smooth() is because ENABLE_ACCURATE_TEXTURES was done away with and that functionality
was moved to smooth(), which is slow enough to be unusable.

I'm wondering why smooth() and ENABLE_ACCURATE_TEXTURES were combined at all -- the
reason I used ENABLE_ACCURATE_TEXTURES is to get perspectively correct texture mapping -- I
don't view that as being related to smoothing. The slow-down is sufficient that I've been
sticking with a very old version of processing. Any chance of bringing back
ENABLE_ACCURATE_TEXTURES? It worked perfectly for me as it was in the 0135 release.
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