Bug 1398 : separate "PApplet" into separate View and Activity classes
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Description:   Opened: 2009-11-30 12:47
Significant refactoring work needs to be done to break PApplet into
separate View and Activity classes. The Processing model is that PApplet is
a monolithic class that handles all functions, connected to a PGraphics
class (that can be instantiated separately) that handles a graphics buffer.

The Android model is a little trickier because a View (the closest to
PGraphics) also handles events and is the logical place for the animation
loop (which is normally inside PApplet). The Activity also handles some of
those things as well. Not a problem, but just will require some careful
work since it breaks from the current model in the Processing classes.

Some notes about the direction:

PView will handle most of the operations formerly done by PApplet. It will
also need to be usable on its own like PGraphics.

PActivity (though it may simply be called PApplet for compatability.. not
sure) will handle opening a single, full-screen PView class. This will
cover setting screen size, start/stop events, etc.
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