Bug 335 : 'Execution protection violation' + workaround
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Description:   Opened: 2006-04-30 08:09
This report relates to a discussion thread in SoftwareBugs, number 1124364287.

Video is not working on some systems. Programs stop with the error
"Execution protection violation".

I got this problem on Processing 0114 Beta using the example code that
comes with the BlobDetection library but it can occur with anyone using
Processing with Quicktime and Windows.

According to the discussion board, Processing versions prior to 0068 were
ok, but this apparent change may be to do with Windows updates rather than
Processing ones.

This problem will probably only happen on systems that have activated Data
Execution Prevention, a security measure that came with Windows SP2.

It is possible to get round this problem by adding Processing to the list
of exceptions for Data Execution Protection. Do this by right-clicking on
'My Computer' on the desktop. Choose 'Properties...', click on Advanced
tab, press 'Settings' button for 'Performance', choose 'Data Execution
Prevention' tab, and use the Add... button to add Processing to the list of
exceptions. Your computer has to be completely restarted for this change
to take effect.

I believe that this problem is a bug in Processing rathar than in Quicktime
since once Processing is added to the list of exceptions everything starts
working again.

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Additional Comment #1 From fry 2006-05-02 06:25
but the error message is correct, bad memory is getting hit and we don't want people to
disable the os ability to catch that and crash their machines any worse than the app already
crashes, so this isn't a recommended workaround.

the processing application itself does nothing but launch java, so unless the error is happening
during startup (before the pde window opens) this is a quicktime issue.