Bug 663 : Window resizing in Linux client fails - v0133
Last modified: 2007-11-01 05:22

DUPLICATE of bug 653


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Description:   Opened: 2007-10-27 08:07
So basically, I can resize the window, but anywhere past the point of the
set default window size in the processing.txt config file, it just shows a
giant blank spot. If I size the window down, parts of the console and
editor window are cut off, because they're extended past the window's size.
If I resize it again to it's original size, it looks about the same.

If I set different defaults in processing.txt, it will start up with that
size, but I have the same problem as before. The physical window will get
smaller or bigger, but the console and editor will not resize with the window.

Running on a perfect working copy of Ubuntu Gutsy with latest updates,
Gateway MT6821 laptop w/ 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo, integrated Intel GMA950
graphics card. I'm dual booting Vista and Ubuntu, and on Vista the latest
version of processing works just fine.
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