Bug 603 : After a week of heavy processing use, here is some of the bugs we found
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Hello, I just took an extremely accelerated course on video game
programming, and we used processing solely. Our curriculum focussed on 2-D
graphics, and everything worked pretty well, except for a few bugs, of
which I remember a few:

o, first, the specs:
we were using alienware desktops with amazing graphics cards and memory and
processors (this is at the gaming lab at Case Western Reserve University).
I used an intel macbook, and my friend used an intel macbook pro, but he's
really anal and ported processing over to eclipse because he didn't like
the interface (not that eclipse made it any easier, he's just anal). We
used build 124 for a couple days before switching to 125. All of these
bugs are for 125.

On the windows version of 125, the window does not size right unless you
declare the size twice. Otherwise, it's 200 by 200 (maybe this is
known..). This was fine on my mac.

The tab feature was used excessively to organize all the classes (from math
libraries to tile sets and sequence player). There were some occurrences
where if you had too many tabs open, the program would either close them or
just not recognize the things in that tab anymore. This caused many
problems, as you could guess. Then when you added the file again, either
it would work, or say that you now have duplicate classes/methods.
Otherwise, the tabs were essential to keep a project organized. I was the
only one who worked on processing on a mac at some points, and I did not
run into this.

For the mac version, it would really make the windows manager work. I got
up to 30% cpu usage for the window server when processing was open.
However, this might just be because I have an intel. Also, the create
font option crasses processing on my intel mac.

These are all I can remember. Otherwise, a few suggestions:

the default color scheme for processing is good, but can be tough on the
eyes after hours and hours of work into the night. I had made my own color
scheme based on "Hallows Eve" in textmate. I put it here
and it was soon a great success (everyone was staying up to at least 3
getting all the projects done). This scheme took me all night, and I think
it wouldn't be that difficult to put some easy color scheme editor in
processing's preferences.

if possible, check for accidental semicolons after if statements in your
do this;
this took one person's entire afternoon to find.

Otherwise, it was great. Exactly what we needed, and was a great tool to
get to the guts of game programming and being able to bypass all the
tedious stuff. I had such a great time in this class, I really wanted to
contribute with the bugs we found and the suggestions I had. Send me an
email if you need any more info.

Daniel Murphy
Additional Comment #1 From toucansam 2007-07-27 16:53
whoops, i mean weeks in the title
Additional Comment #2 From fry 2007-07-27 19:30
thanks for the report, however please file separate bugs for different
issues. i can't keep track of several different bugs that have nothing to
do with one another on a single report. also, please check the bugs db to
see if your issue has already been reported. you're welcome to add to other
already open bug reports if you have additional informaion.