Bug 793 : VDIG
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Description:   Opened: 2008-06-01 13:18
The VDIG software for integrating Windows and QuickTime is no longer
available. The documentation needs to be updated:
Additional Comment #1 From fry 2008-06-11 08:36
nah, it just keeps going away. we may want to post a version of it
ourselves so that we don't keep getting complaints about it.

we should also probably add something to the docs about the pay-for vdig
that works better than the free one.
Additional Comment #2 From REAS 2008-08-23 07:23
I changed the language at the top, but the links are still in the notes
below. The site seems to be down for good. What is the link to the pay
vdig? I saw that Dan has the free vdig linked from his site. Should I post
them on Processing.org?
Additional Comment #3 From fry 2008-08-23 07:31
i think we need to switch to a different capture solution before 1.0. i
think we'll use JMF for windows and linux, so it depends on whether you
want to post the old vdig stuff on our site in the meantime (i have
multiple versions of it locally), or just wait for a week or two while i
write the JMF video capture support.

this is the pay-for vdig: http://www.abstractplane.com/products/vdig.jsp

actually, maybe linking to dan as the interim solution (two weeks) is a
good idea--that way it's easier to remove than putting vdig files on our site?
Additional Comment #4 From fry 2010-06-05 04:06
punting on this because we'll be moving to a new video library.