Bug 307 : find dialog issues
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Description:   Opened: 2006-03-17 12:27
The find dialog has several peculiarities - it makes multiple dialog boxes
instead of reusing a single one, and it is filled in with the text from the
last successful and then closed find dialog. The carat is put at the end
of the string with no selection.

1.open new sketch. type "cat dog"
2.open find dialog (control-f)
3.search for "cat", press enter
4.close the dialog box {works ok}
5.open another find dialog (dialog comes up, "cat" is entered, with carat
at the end) {expected: an empy dialog or "cat" selected}
6.click on the PDE
7.press control-f again (another dialog opens, with "cat" and carat at the end)
8.search for "dogs" in new box (not found)
9.search for "dog" in the new box (found)
10. click on the PDE
10.press control-f again (yet another dialog opens, with "cat" and carat at
the end) {expected: an empty dialog or "dog"[last successful search] selected }

The expected behavior is to have a "fresh" find dialog, ready for input,
every time CTRL-F is pressed. A "fresh" dialog would either be completely
clear or have the previous search results selected, ready for overwriting.
Also, a single, reusable, find dialog would be more useful than getting
several "Find" dialogs on the task bar.
Additional Comment #1 From fry 2006-03-21 16:13
the multiple dialog issue was a problem that arose because of debugging. it's fixed for 0109.

the other stuff is covered by other entries in the bugs db.