Bug 1091 : default sketch saving name
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Description:   Opened: 2008-12-04 06:21
This regards the 1.0 Processing release. The issue might have been there in
some prior version, but between the last version of processing I used, and
1.0, the issue appeared.
(I'm on Macos X 10.5.5, MacBook Pro, Feb 2008 )

I'm unsuare of what the reasoning was for changing the decault file name of
a Processing sketch, but I think the 'old' way - of using YYMMDD
(year|month|day), in numbers, worked better than the current one, where the
month abbreviation is written out in letters.

My reason for preferring the 'old' system was that one's projects listed
chronologically in whatever directory one had them in, if one had the
directory ordered by name. Chronological listing of files conforms fairly
well to the way I work.
Now, and particularly later as the months (and thus filenames) change, I
must list sketches/files by their creation date, to get a chronological

There's probably a higher reason I've yet to reach an understanding of, for
this change. But it'll take me some time to figure it out....yet.
Additional Comment #1 From fry 2010-06-05 02:47
the reason for the change is that most people found the six letter
sequences confusing to sort through. for the next release you can change
the 'editor.untitled.suffix' entry in your preferences.txt file to the

but next time spare me the melodrama: "I've yet to reach an understanding
of, for this change. But it'll take me some time to figure it out". there's
just no need for that kind of attitude.
Additional Comment #2 From miska 2010-06-05 09:52

Many thanks for the extensive feedback.

Many apologies for the seeming melodrama.
Not intended at all. Must have been
a bit tired when i tried saying i was not wise enough to figure out a
reason that must have been a good one ( no irony intended, i'm not
known for my cleverness).

Sorry about any traces of criticism. Processing is one of the best
things that has happened to me creatively, and i'm greatly thankful
for all the time you guys have put into it and the surrounding
platform. If ever more appreciation is needed, you can find some
here... at the risk of some confused sentences.

Keep up the good work and apologies for seeming unappreciative,