Bug 408 : Capture example needs to be renamed to something besides "Capture"
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Description:   Opened: 2006-10-06 10:51
Processing-0118, windows 2000.

Not sure if it's me doing something wrong, or a Processing bug.

The Video library page says that as of 0116 it's possible to export
programs that use the video library. I'm trying to export an application
that uses a webcam, just the standard example "Capture" program. It works
fine from within processing, but if I try to use Export or Export
Application I get:

H:/Documents and Settings/JohnG/My
Documents/Processing/Capture/applet/Capture.java:22:11:22:22: Semantic
Error: The method "list" is not static, and cannot be accessed in this
static context.

H:/Documents and Settings/JohnG/My
Documents/Processing/Capture/applet/Capture.java:27:12:27:50: Semantic
Error: No applicable overload was found for a constructor with signature
"Capture(Capture, java.lang.String, int, int, int)" in type "Capture".
Perhaps you wanted the overloaded version "Capture();" instead?

H:/Documents and Settings/JohnG/My
Documents/Processing/Capture/applet/Capture.java:38:2:38:14: Semantic
Error: No accessible method with signature "read()" was found in type

H:/Documents and Settings/JohnG/My
Documents/Processing/Capture/applet/Capture.java:43:2:43:20: Semantic
Error: No applicable overload for a method with signature "image(Capture,
int, int)" was found in type "processing.core.PApplet". Perhaps you wanted
the overloaded version "void image(java.lang.String $1, float $2, float
$3);" instead?

processing.app.RunnerException: The method "list" is not static, and cannot
be accessed in this static context.
at processing.app.Compiler.message(Compiler.java:332)
at processing.app.MessageSiphon.run(MessageSiphon.java:60)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
Additional Comment #1 From fry 2006-10-07 06:43
this is actually because the example is called "Capture", which conflicts
with the "Capture" class that it uses. the example just needs to be
renamed. re-filing this one with casey so we can fix it for the next release.
Additional Comment #2 From REAS 2006-10-07 09:57
The example has been renamed "Using Capture". It's fixed online and I'll
make a new examples.zip before the next release to add it to the distribution.